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Development of a J2EE –based online Transaction Website

The Client

In competitive commerce industry, vendors have to find ways to constantly improve service quality and efficiency in order to retain customers and attract more. This dynamical motivation drove the client, a new start-upped online transaction company, to turn to Abstract Technology for a completely automated and robust IT solution providing its customers with convenient and high-quality services.

What the Client Wanted

The client needed a comprehensive e-commerce website running on LINUX, which can be conceived to provide information release, online purchase and payment, account transfer, message board, statistic analyses, report generation, system management, log management etc. Furthermore, a distributive administration is needed for different user with different roles according to the security management.

Abstract Technology did the entire lifecycle of the website development including requirement analyses, framework design, database design, UI design, implement and test.


We thoroughly analysed the requirement of the system by consulting with the client. For the sake of the security of the system, we defined several roles containing normal users, advanced users, produces deliverers, accountants, remitters and administrators. Every role owned different permission level to take charge of different job. A message board was also designed for the client to enhance communication with customers.

We utilized our proven expertise in the domain of e-commerce website development to make a proper design strategy. The system was designed to be compliant with J2EE according to the specification. We adopted a mature privacy framework which was validated through our repetitious practice. The system excellently integrated Struts and IBatis, the two mature and stable frameworks and adequately applied MVC design pattern.

In order to make the hierarchy legible and straightforward, the whole system was divided into three tiers. The presentation tier adopted JSP and Struts to implement MVC. The BO tier was implemented by adopting business object which was IBatis DAO. Between the BO layer and database, DAO layer adopted IBatis to implement data persistence. And we used MySQL as the database to reduce costs.

Domain Model Business Object


  • A stable and easy-maintenance system.
  • Shortening the time to market enabled the client to strengthen his competitive capability.
  • Significant cost savings and efficiency were realized by streamlining the process of products transaction.
  • The grouping strategy improved the system's security.
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