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Ticket Reservation & Mileage Accumulation System

This is a big airline company. They have different database servers to support their online business. The system needs to read data from these core databases and modify them. At the same time, the security of these servers was also a concern. Abstract Technology developed the system with the functionalities of web-based ticket booking and mileage accumulation to meet the clients requirements.

Project description

The system updates the database every five minutes by putting the newest data into it. Production database contains data in different types which were generated in different types of database. The system not only obtains data from different forms, but also unites the active data to a form and put it into the web database. On the security issue, we adopted the Middleware & Application Server model to completely separate the production data from the web data. This avoids the hidden safety danger on internet.

Customers can inquire about the scheduled flight and the order status, etc.
The individual mileage accumulation function allows the users to inquire, change and confirm their flight mileage. As a company club member, he/she just needs to enter his/her member number and password to start using the online service.

If you want to contact this client to know more about Abstract Technology's service, please email to info@abstracttechnology.com. We will give you the reference for your estimation.

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