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Dedicated C++ Developers

Dedicated C++ Developers for Wireless Communication Solution

The Client

The client is an American leading provider of wireless communication solutions to enterprises, online businesses, media companies and individuals. It specializes in enabling businesses of any size to use wireless technology for text messaging, interactive communication and exchange.

What the client wanted

For its business expanding needs, the client turned to Abstract Technology for assistance in upgrade of its existing applications and development of new applications. According to the specifications at regular intervals, we were required to provide development work on the new functions of its products and the web interfaces were modified accordingly for offering its customers more convenience and efficient services.


According to the clients technical requirement, we provided two dedicated C++ experts with over two years wireless communication development experience to participate in the development.

With two weeks of trial development work, our developers approved their capability by a no bug delivery and satisfied the client very much. A long term development partnership was established.

During the following long term cooperation, our developers communicated with the client directly by email, instant messenger, or telephone to provide prompt response as if they were working next to the clients team. The client could easily control the schedule of the development and kept track of the development progress by regular project meeting, daily working reports and web-based project management tools.

C++ was used as the programming language and the technology of ATL, COM, MTS, XML, JavaScript and ASP was adopted in the development. The database was SQL Server.


  • Extension of engineering facilities was provided to the client.
  • Excellent communication skills and mutual collaboration made the problems solving process quickly and smoothly.
  • A repeatable, effective software development methodology ensured high quality of the development work.
  • The development schedule was strictly controlled by the client to guarantee the delivery time.
  • The development costs were slashed.
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