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Test Outsourcing - Abstract Technology

Automation Test for a SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) Editor

The client

This is a European software company which is dedicated to developing information visualization software for credit risk analysis and investigation of financial fraud cases.

What the client wanted

The system was a SVG editor used in court to make complicated relations between entities by presenting information in diagram-based layout. As an analysis tool which used diagrams for data presentation, the system could well analyse and identify the real relations between real-world entities/objects like individuals or organizations. The system was developed with the technology of Java and XML. Abstract Technology was required to execute all test cases, record test results, generate automatic test scripts, maintain and update test scripts.


Abstract Technology adopted Mercury Interactive WinRunner 7.6 to implement automatic test and Mercury Interactive TestDirector 7.6 to manage the Test Case, Test Script, Test Execution result. In addition, the test documents of Test Script and Test Execution result were generated in the standard format of .doc or .xls. In order to well keep every version of Test Script and Test Execution, all the documents were updated in Microsoft Visual SourceSafe. Moreover, our test staff was encouraged to take 10% of total work amounts to implement ad hoc test.

Testing Tasks Required
Test Plan Yes
Test Case Client provide
Test Case execution Yes
Compatibility test Not Required
Performance test Not required
Automatic test Yes
Defect Sheet / Database Yes
Bug tracking Yes
Defect Description Report Yes


  • By implementing the automatic test on about 80% of all test cases, the efficiency and accuracy of the test case execution process were highly heightened.
  • With the advantage of the shift between Abstract Technology's test team and the client's development team caused by time difference, the bug fixing and testing could be implemented in turn with the shortest response time.
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